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Scientific Paper Requirements & Suggested Formats

​Residents are required to submit a scientific or research paper each year, with the exception of the first year of training. As a substitute for one of the scientific/research papers a resident may, for one year only, substitute a poster or exhibit. This must be approved by the Program Director and only one presented can be credited.​

Residents may also choose to do a multi-year research project according to the following schedule:

OGME-2: Letter of commitment, hypothesis and literature search.

OGME-3: Materials and methods with raw data and a summary progress report.

OGME-4: Rough draft of final papers. Letter indicating which periodical the paper will be submitted to for possible publication.

OGME-5: Final paper of publishable quality.

Residents must be prepared to present to the Program Director their plan for a research or scientific paper at their first quarterly review each academic year. Completed papers are due at the end of the academic year, with the exception of the final year at which time the paper is due by January 1.​

Recent Research Activity

  • Raymond Chan, DO: The quantitative effect of univalved versus bivalve casts. 3rd Place at RCRMC 1st Annual Research Symposium for E-Poster presentation.
  • John Gentile, DO: Treatment of active unicameral bone cysts in pediatric patients using regenerative graft. Presented at AONA, AOAO, POSNA. 3rd Place at AOAO Resident Research Award at 2012 Annual Meeting. Accepted to Journal of Pediatrics Orthopedics.
  • Christina Pantazopoulos, DO: A retrospective study on fusion rates for hind nail arhrodesis. Poster presentation at AOFAS in June 2012.
  • Anna Avik, DO: Infantile digital fibromatosis – review of literature and Surgical Indications. E-Poster presentation at RCRMC 1st Annual Research Symposium
  • Kenneth Hood, DO: Cervical Disc Arthroplasty: A Review of the Literature. Published in the Global Spine Journal (AO Spine)
  • Mitchell McDowell, DO: Acetabular Retroversion: The Role of Arthroscopic Management versus Periacetabular Osteotomy Reorientation. Poster presentation at International Society for Hip Arthroscopy Annual Meeting 2012. E-Poster presentation at AANA Annual Meeting 2013.