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Senior Case Presentations

​Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents' Senior Case Presentations​​

  • An “educational” case encountered on the FM inpatient service shall be presented at the Thursday afternoon conference.  You should have be​en directly involved with the case chosen.
  • Format:
    • Complete History: 
      1. Chief complaint
      2. Thorough History of Present Illness
      3. Past Medical History
      4. Past Surgical History
      5. Medications
      6. Allergies
      7. Family History
      8. Social History
      9. Review of Systems
    • Complete Physical Exam:
    • Based on the above information, have the audience come up with a differential diagnosis and rank the list in order of priority. 
      1. Ask the individual why he/she came up with a particular diagnosis when they suggest a diagnosis.
    • Based on the above information allow the audience to order labs/tests to further confirm their working diagnosis. 
      1. For every person that suggests a test, ask the individual why he/she is ordering the test.
      2. Once everyone has given their responses, you may guide them to order other tests, if needed.
    • Assessment/Diagnosis of the patients condition
    • Hospital course and Outcome
    • End with a brief statement on why this case was chosen to be presented. 
      1. What was the take home message and teaching points of the case
      2. What could have been done differently
      3. Was there any opportunity for improvement
  • Topic Discussion of Main Diagnosis
    1. Etiology/Definitions
    2. Pathogenesis
    3. Epidemiology (including risk factors)
      1. Diagnosis
      2. Symptoms and clinical exam findings
      3. Laboratory/x-rays/etc.
    4. Differential diagnosis
    5. Treatment
  • Bibliography (at least 4 current references – no earlier than 2006